Casinos in Paris!

Anne Hidalgo, the PS mayor of Paris, admits not being very favorable to the opening of casinos in the city of Paris, relatives find it impossible to vote the creation and the right to operate casinos in the Council from Paris. Itself has no desire to get into a fight as adventurous. President Morizet Nathalie […]

The Genius of the Flamingo Casino

. The famous online casino Royal Flamingo gets a makeover! After 8 years of existence has established itself as the indisputable reference in the online casino industry and has just launched a new design specially created by a team of designers who live in the heart of Manhattan in New York. These truly stunning graphics […]

Play casino games on your mobile or how to make money with your Mobile Phone

Today, we see a growing craze for smartphones and tablets whose features are constantly improving. Meanwhile, more and more people are passionate about casino games. It is quite natural that this type of entertainment invades mobile devices. Developers than done to create mobile versions of their casino games. . Play no limit on mobile casinos […]

Tricking slot machines

Cheat slot machines ? Yes, it is possible. Many people around the world have tried and succeeded. Find out how … . Why many players cheat slot machines ? While many players cheat slot machines , it is probably because it is a fairly easy casino game . On the other hand , the winners […]

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