How Do I Become a Dealer in a Casino?


Becoming a dealer:  the conditions and the necessary training to become a professional dealer


You interested at work in a casino in France, abroad or on a cruise ship, here’s what you need to know:


Conditions required to become dealer:

. Be an adult

. Have a clean record

. Be registered on the electoral roll


The job of dealer requires the followings essential qualities:

A good presentation


Fluency in speech


Good human contact

Being very comfortable with numbers to calculate quickly

The dealer must know the tables 5, 8, 17, 11 and 35, including the English roulettee

Being calm in all circumstances

Keen sense of observation


The working time of 35 hours weekly and takes place between 19pm and 4am in general.


The job of the dealer is not an easy job but the diversity of contacts make pleasant.

The dealer handles the success of the party in compliance with gaming regulations in force and internal procedures while welcoming and supporting the customer.


The different positions of a dealer in hierarchical order :

Footman (service charge)

First class

Head of the table,

Chief of Party,

Inspector (head waiter)

Director (Technical Manager)


The salairy of a dealer

Beginner dealer

Dealer table: 1159 02 €

Dealer Ball: 1204, 56 €

Dealer ball first category

Dealer third category: 1128, 47 €

Croupier second category: 1394, 76 €

Dealer first category

Head Ball: 1502, € 05

Head of the table: 1609 34 €

Head of the table

Head Ball Party: 1716, 62 €

Party Leader: 1823 games, 91 €

Head Master: 2038 part, 49 €


Where you can get trained :

You can either send your resume directly to the chosen casino and it will return to their training centre. Or you can also go to various training centres to craft dealer.


Professional dealer Training

IFCP pokerdealer-academy

119, rue d’Aboukir – 75002 PARIS



Dealer in France and in French-speaking countries

Training dealers, based on practice in playrooms restored. Recognized by professionals with degrees or without training.



International croupier dealer

Dealer in the UK, on cruise ships, Las Vegas, Australia




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